Stan Nnatchez

Native (Sitting Bull)

48” x 36”

Stan Natchez

Harper"s Weekly

48” x 36”

7000 E. Tanque Verde Road, Ste. 7, Tucson, Arizona 85715
North side of Tucson Desert Art Museum​
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Stan Natchez is known for his innovative and creative paintings. Inspired by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, T.C. Cannon and other pop artists, his paintings exude the power of color and familiar objects. His canvases often begin with artifacts of American culture that either directly or indirectly reflect Indians. He then includes figures such as Native Americans, mission priests or cowboys. Intricate "stars and stripes" beadwork add texture to bold works that emanate beauty and joy. Dollar bills are layered on the canvas as a modern day buffalo hide.

In addition to being a nationally known artist, Natchez has distinguished himself as a graduate student, teacher, dancer, editorial advisor and legal advocate for the Native American community. As a traditional dancer who performed in European capitals as well as throughout the United States, Natchez developed a fine eye for both color and composition from the beadwork he created for his regalia. He also credits dance as a medium for building a stronger sense of cultural self-esteem.

In terms of his art, Natchez feels strongly about communicating contemporary Native American philosophy that has been purged of any romantic or stereotypical idealism. He says, "I paint the life I live and so every painting, in some way, is a self-portrait. My art is about you and the way I respond. That is my experience is my art...and art is my life.

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stan natchez

Stan Natchez

Something I Remember

48” x 30”